Video content strategy, creative, production and post-production services.

Why Video?

Cities are made of countless, dynamic layers. As these layers intersect, they interact in meaningful ways. Strangers meet. The natural environment converges with the built environment. Problems and innovation collide. The urban story unfolds.
A “viewshed” is the view of an area from a specific vantage point. As fellow urbanists, we are distinctly suited to create practical strategies and engaging videos that reveal the unique layers and vantage points of your firm, organization or project.


We begin with content and distribution planning that aligns with your firm’s budget and goals.


Once aligned on strategy, we develop a creative treatment within a defined budget range.


Our team fully produces and executes each video shoot.

Capabilities include: documentary video, aerial video and photography, motion graphics and data visualization.


We deliver a fully edited final project in multiple formats, depending on your distribution plan.
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